The Race of The Cheap Jews.

Let’s be honest, Bernie Sanders is a cheap jew. You can tell his parents kept every penny. He’s wearing corduroys from 15 years ago.

But Mike Bloomberg is also a cheap jew. Not in the same sense though. Mike Bloomberg is rich, but how the fuck you think he got that? He knows how to make mother fucking “investments”… so do many Jews that are cheap, nigga.

So this is the race. Are we gonna pick the rich cheap jew?! Or the poor cheap jew?

I’m with Bernie.

I will Cut My Nose To Spite My Face

Deadass, I’m a vindictive little bitch and I love to cause controversy.

That’s why I might vote for Donald Trump if the fucking democrats wanna play.

Okay, I honestly will not vote for him. But I always just want to because I HATE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR THINKING. They love candidates that are JUST. LIKE. REPUBLICANS.

That’s why I call them Diet Republicans.

That’s exactly what they are.

So fuck these bitches!

I’m writing in. Omit my vote ho. I’m done with the deplorable DNC. I see a mass exodus soon, and not to the republicans. (I can’t stand them equally the same, but I never expect to).

Why I Am Voting For Bernie Sanders…

In 2016, I went to vote (registered Green Party) for president. This should’ve been an easy decision… it was Hilary vs. Trump.

My issue was, I wanted goddamn Bernie Sanders on that ballot. He stood for everything I cared for. Free healthcare for all Americans, among other things.

But, I had a choice between two evils, and I really didn’t want to vote for Hillary.

I left DUTCHESS community college (my intro to chemistry course) to vote. I got to veterans park in Montgomery, and I got my ballot and I stood in the ballot box… for what seemed like forever.

I voted for Sean Patrick Maloney. And other democrats… but when it came to President… I just couldn’t knowingly vote for Hillary. But my mom’s voice in my head, “choose Hillary”

So after what seemed forever, I bubbled in Hillary and hoped for the best.

The next morning I woke up and realized, Trump won.

This time, I am not going to fight with myself. This time, I don’t care what, I’m writing in Bernie Sanders.

Bernie is what we need.

He has great plans, and I think aside from foreign policy, he is pretty clear in what he wants to do.

So this year, I will be working for the Sanders campaign. Going out and getting signatures.

Let’s change the status quo.


Oh god… here we fucking go…

This is what I think about impeachment…

I think democrats are lame, they don’t know what else to do and they wanna get him outta there without electing Bernie Sanders as their candidate.

They know the democratic base is with Bernie, still they stuff lame ass Joe Biden and Butt boy Buttigieg down our throats.

The establishment democrats are ruining our country.

I am going back to being an independent after I’m done voting and working with the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Transgender women competing in Women’s sports?

My problem is with some trans people’s blatant denial of biology.

When it comes to sports, there are reasons why sports are sexually-segregated between men and women. Men have a GENETIC/BIOLOGICAL advantage over women: muscle mass, bone structure, upper body strength, height… must I go on? There are advantages of going through male puberty. It’s like LeBron James playing in the WNBA. (That May be a little bit of hyperbole, but you get what I’m saying)

Those advantages don’t change; although you’ve transitioned to your correct gender. Let’s say in a very overexaggerated hypological example that every transgender woman in the US plays a sport. Trans women in women’s sports will end women’s sports as we know it!

Transgender Women are not women. They are Transgender women. Don’t get me wrong, I will still refer to a trans woman as she and her, and I believe that they are women everywhere but a few areas. The problem is, when you’ve grown up in a man’s body, you’ll always have physical, biological differences.

I am going on this rant because of Dr. Rachel McKinnon. She recently broke the women’s world record for cycling, and she is a trans woman. For cycling, there are a lot of advantages men have over women, smaller pelvises, etc.

She came under a lot of controversy, and her way of discussing this controversy is to call everyone that doesn’t agree with trans women in women’s sport as a transphobe. She says that there is NO biological difference between a trans woman and a natural woman. She says that there are no biological differences between cis women and cis men. The talk is fucking absurd!!

This woman has lost it, and honestly, I think the rhetoric from trans lobbyists has gotten her to believe these falsities. She wants to believe this because if she doesn’t, her accomplishments are invalidated.

Girl, even if you just raced and won, it wouldn’t be controversial… but you broke the world record!!! There is a difference. Your breaking of the world record further proves that trans women have advantages over naturally born women.

Soon, women that were assigned male at birth will hold all the records, while women are left in the dust. It really isn’t fair. That is why the Olympics has gender tests for their female athletes.

Ok, sometimes I think it’s pretty invasive.

Let’s look at the case of Caster Semenya, South African sprinter. She is not a trans woman, she’s actually intersex, (I don’t want to be insensitive since I don’t know a lot about intersex disorders, I watched a few you run videos and watched an Oprah show about it. Lol, Oprah is woke!) meaning her gender is ambiguous either physically, hormonally and/or a mix of 2 X and 1 Y.

From what I do know, some intersex people produce biologically “typical man” levels of testosterone. This is probably what is going on in Caster’s case, but I can’t say for sure.

What I do know is that she underwent a gender test, and her results showed that she was intersex and had high testosterone.

I guess she was told to lower her testosterone, and she wasn’t very fast and lagged behind.

In her case, I can say that I am not angry that she is beating everyone. She is a special human being (not saying that Tran women are not or anything), but she didn’t transition from one complete gender to the other. She is in the middle and has always been raised as or thought of herself as female.

This is a natural hormonal or whatever issue. I really don’t know what makes her intersex so I can’t say, but the fact that they made her lower her naturally produced hormone level, that is wrong.

That is the reason she is super human fast, and you’re taking her natural gift away. She didn’t choose this, and there’s an iconic picture of her trying to talk to the other women in the race after and it was very sad to see.

<img src=”“>

Anyway, transwomen have an unfair advantage and should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports. Sorry, but if you want to continue to deny that their are biological differences between the sexes, I cannot take you seriously.

More to come..


#petebuttigiegisalyingmf is trending worldwide right now.

What the mother fuck have I been saying the past few weeks?!

Ok, so the reason this is happening is impart because a fucking comment he made a decade ago about black people not having examples of going to school and having a good upbringing and shit… whatever the case.

Why don’t mother fuckers call him out for having FAKE BLACK ENDORSEMENTS?

We already know he’s racist as fuck. Black people can feel that from a mile a way. I can tell when people are racist, but unfortunately it’s hard to prove.

Call his chicken shit lying ass about other shit.

My campaign rages on to end Mayor Pete and bring Bernie up.

Let’s go niggas!!

Leaving The Party

I really think that my views really do not line up with the views of the Democratic Party as a whole.

Because of this, I’m thinking about leaving the party.

My reasons for this is the liberal media as a whole. Whenever they mention Sanders, it’s always a negative… but when they mention fucking fake ass Pete Buttigieg, it’s a positive.

They’re obviously posing him to be the next candidate, and I honestly think that this is a mistake.

If Pete is nominated, I might end up voting for Trump. I’d rather have an actual racist who is going to be racist in my face in office then a fake ass secret racist who fakes black endorsements.

The Democratic Party has yet to learn from 2016. AMERICA DOES NOT WANT YOUR ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE!!! America wants a populist candidate that is going to switch everything up.

Democrats are so frustrating. I can’t.

White folk and the Dreaded ‘N’ word

I enjoy the conversations I have with my father because he is so intelliegent and has a vast knowledge of world history. And I’m not talking about the shit in students textbooks that’s taught as fact (although it is a one-sided account), I’m talking about his opinion on what he drew from all the different accounts he’s read through the years.

So it’s 2015 now and American culture wants us to believe that racism is dead, but to me, it’s slightly covered up. The biggest issue that will remain an issue for the rest of time is the white man and the N word.

It’s very hard to offend me as a person because I have such strong opinions and because of that I believe everyone should have their own so I’m not against white people using this word. But, I am against white people using the word and then trying to justify their use of it.

You’ll hear a white person say “I hope you get raped in jail by twelve niggers with their big swinging hard wood cocks” and then this same person will say, “and when I say nigger, I don’t mean a black person, I mean an ignorant person. There’s niggers of every color.” Ok, so that would make sense If you didn’t add the stereotype of black men in jail and that historically large part of the black man anatomy. By the way, the fact that you need to clarify that statement further proves the point I’m trying to make.

Then of course you get the white people who say “My grandmother’s first cousin’s uncle’s wife’s third cousin twice removed’s father was black, so I’m not being racist by saying the N word. I honestly think that explanation is even more of a bullshit excuse. Can someone be part black and still hate blacks? Of course. Can someone be blacker than a million midnights and still hate blacks? Absofuckinglutly! Don’t even get me started on the white people who use the excuse that their best friend is a black person. Same concept.

I feel like as Americans, we have our wonderful first amendment right and that gives us the right to say whatever we want. The fact that one would make excuses for saying the ‘N’ word is obviously underlining. If you have to make a statement to justify another, you probably shouldn’t have said the first thing to begin with. Don’t apologize for a right that you have because you can potentially offend someone. If you are in fear of offending people then shut your fucking mouth!

Anything can be offensive these days.