It’s Horrible

Having to sit right next to him and act like I haven’t seen him completely naked with that floatation device cock of his.

He wears sweatpants everywhere. Much different from virgin physics. I sit right next to him in Orgo, I just want to reach in and touch it. But, that’s inappropriate. Plus, Max is there.

His lips are amazing. I try to cut off the kissing because it might get really romantic. But fuck.

The second time really got me. First time lasted not that long. Like maybe 45 mins, doing it twice. This time it was 2 hours, doing it twice. Minus smoking times of 10-15 minutes.

But I need to be a professional for the next few months. But fuck! 22 year olds (with nice cocks) can do the thing. How do I end up finding all of them?

Mexicans and Arabs

Look a lot a like. Not tryna be a bitch but… I’ll keep it in my back pocket.

Can I talk about Europeans now?

Lol let me fucking stop.

Are Russians Europeans?

I did this Jewish russian once. Twice actually.

What about the Turks?

I did one of them.

Then this French guy!

I’m hooking up with a lot of mayo on purpose.

I did do Travelle, but that didn’t count cause it wasn’t really anything both of us wanted to do. Mainly just him.

But ok. Lots of Europeans.

I need to continue being a slut.

If not, how will you have sex?

Drag race predictions

Ok, so I saw one that said Dahlia went home first, but I didn’t see anything else. I am predicting who will go home. Not knowing what the challenges will be.

Going home…

13.Dahlia Sin. Duh

Top 3.

3.Rock M. Sakura

2. Nicki Doll

1. Aiden Zhane.

Idk why. I like Aiden. Lol

Mushroom, Far East Chinese and figuring out your truth

Sorry for the shit pic, but I got these two fortunes on completely separate days…

So the first time I got this fortune, I was in a college house in 2011 with DJ Far East and the kid that lived there. We ate mushrooms and I started crying and far easty was like “this is what mushrooms do”

Then someone ordered Chinese the next day, (cause fat east, ya know, even though I’m almost certain he was Japanese. Who cares? His dick was like a roll of dimes,but I digress) and we got these fortunes.

The second time wasn’t as memorable. I think I was in Montgomery or something.

No idea. But shout out to Far East and the kid. That kid couldn’t sing for shit but he just wanted to do that when we were all fucked up and it didn’t agree with me.

that’s really why I started crying.


Homeboy is like obsessed or something.

Idk but him and I never had sex. Never got naked. Made out like twice.

And I stopped talking to him because he was shakey and weird.

Every so often, he will text, call, or send me DMs. He left that creepy voicemail telling me how much he missed me even though we only hung out twice. Weird.

I stopped answering to the texts and the calls so he just kept DMing me until I responded.

He keeps asking me to hang out, and I keep saying no… but he won’t stop trying.

Like finally,

Like stop! Seriously.

Go the fuck away.

I almost

Forgot about physics for a minute.

I’m so easily distracted…

This is why I fuck ’em and don’t worry about them until the next time I want to fuck.

I don’t ever see him, how am I supposed to know that I feel that way?!

Let me live my life in the way I want, bitch!

Don’t judge me.

I just realized that Valentine’s Day is this week.

Leave it to me to be not fucking on the day Hallmark set aside for mother fuckers to fuck.

Guys on Tinder

Are so lame!!

They always want to talk chemistry like they actually can start smart. So your family is a bunch of chemists… great…

You’re not? But you wanna talk chem….so you ask what I work with in my lab, then look it up and try to sound like you already knew a bunch of reactions.

Nigga please!


Listen Pelosi,

You really think you are bad ass doing all these stunts to humiliate the president, but really… you look like a stunt queen.

Stop it. Retire.

Nothing you did was really cool or funny. It was immature just like you and the Democratic Party.

If I could choose

I would chose A before B. So B= 2a+1

What I will try to do is soften B up a little, to get rid of some of the awkwardness of a possible hookup.

Then ride that thing like a motorbike. They all find it pleasurable.

” I don’t need a xanny, now or never. ”



So I hooked up with the physicist on Friday night… it was pretty good actually this time, not even gonna lie. He made that shit happen.

He was usually quick, but not that time. It was somewhat satisfying. It was hot for sure.

But then, Saturday night, I got super stoned and started texting one of my 22 year old classmates.

If I didn’t fall asleep, I would’ve really tried to fuck him. I need to stop!

But the only thing better than one fuck buddy, is another one. 💋


Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with Varon the Don. Me and V the D got Mexican food and alcohol and drank some good as wine, and a really horrible one called LaParka which I will never ever get a bottle of again.

We had a lot of fun. I enjoyed his company.

Tonight, I have some plans, but we will see. Homeboy doesn’t sound really serious, but either way, I’ll have some fun.


Tetrazine derivatives

So I wake up early to go to Biochemistry, and the bus decides that it doesn’t need to come at 8 am. It came at 8:25 and my class starts at 8:45. Needless to say, I will he late to this class after skipping two lectures (one excused, the other one, not so much).

Anyway, today I have to speak to Max about what I will be doing this semester.

I wanna ask him if I could make tetrazine. Muhahaha! or maybe a derivative and watch someone do it.

I failed a quiz. I love advanced orgo. It doesn’t count. I need more organic chemistry in my life.


Creeper on the bus kept staring at me and shifting his seats.

Fucking whiteguy. Idk why I’m so hyper vigilant in my old age, but he looks like the type of deranged white mother fucker that would shoot up the bus.

Lmfao. But not funny. This shit could really happen.


Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter and 7 others died yesterday morning in a helicopter crash.

Kobe meant a lot to me, as a black person. He had the mentality that I wish more of us had. He was always about making himself a better person.

This was a hard loss for millennials. We watched him grow up in front of our eyes.

He was 41 years old.

Rest In Peace, Kobe.