Looks Episode 1

Ok, now that I talked about that… let’s rate the looks…

Brita filter

I like the colors of this, and the shoes! ❤️😍 girl. Her shape is on point. I have no complaints about it, I’d give it a 7,5
This was her spring runway look. The gown was beautiful. It had a rule insert that detaches. I liked the wig. It just wasn’t anything different. I give it a 5
fall look. I didn’t really like this at all. The hair was weird, the dress was… meh. Not runway worthy. I give it a 4.5

Nicky Doll

I like this look. Very Gautier inspired. Nicky is French so you can see the reference. I wish she wore a red shoe instead of a white shoe. I like the head piece and the hair. I give it an 8.
Spring look. I do not like the hair with this outfit. Her makeup is flawless. I love the colors… except that hair. I give it an 8.
This is chic as fuck. I love this look. It’s super androgynous and reminds me of an actual runway look. The hair, makeup and accessories go so well. This gets a 9.5

Widow Von’Du

Girllllllll, she betta du!! I was gagged. Her body (for a big girl) looked so good! Small waist, big behind, shapely. She’s sparkling in black too, which is hard to do! I give this a 7.
Spring. I liked this look on her. The color blocking is sexy! And the details, there’s a yellow swimsuit underneath the neoprene and yellow shoes! The hair is so cute. I give it an 8.5
Fall. I fucking LOVED this. I would wear something like this. When she first came out, it was a dress and she revealed a pants suit with a peplum. I love that neutral color and the wig went well with it. I kinda wish her eye make up was different, but this was good! I give it a 8

Jackie Cox

I’ve seen Jackie before on an episode of What Would You Do? She’s really campy and pulls her references from a lot of places. Mainly period looks. However, I do not like this at all. I get the mousecateer thing, but..I don’t like it. I give it a 4.
Spring. I love the retro glam. I could see myself wearing this too. It’s so cute! I like the green boots (but I’ve seen gear wear them in other looks). Her hair is everything! I give it a 7.5
Fall. I now see her point of view. Really high fashion ‘70s chic. The details here also… the orange lining and orange gloves. The yellow jacket and headband. I wish we could see her makeup. But I give this a 7.

Heidi N. Closet

Oh gosh. How do I even rate this… this is not a good look in my opinion. It looks like an old pimp’s coat converted into a business outfit. Her make up is not popping out as anything special. The hair is boring. I give it a 4,5
I do not like this at all. The makeup again is crunchy. The head piece was not stable and fell off. It was very tacky. I give it a 2.5.
This silhouette is everything! I love the hair with it too. She could lose the choker and those shoes aren’t my favorite. I give it a 6.

Gigi Goode

This is stunning. I totally see her point of view with this look. It’s really high fashion/editorial. I love the hair, and those boots… I need me a pair. I give this a 9.5
I can already tell that this is a put together queen. I’m feeling the motorcycle bitch fantasy! I love the color blocking, and the hair is cute. I give it an 8.5
I can tell that Gigi thinks of her looks as different characters she’s playing. The S&M equestrian is cute. I love the cut outs and pasties on the tartan. The color is cool. I give it a 7.5

Crystal Methyd

I like this! She’s obviously giving clown real ness. I look forward to her other looks, but I’ll give this a 6.5
I don’t really like this hair that much. I think a lavender wig may have pull this together a bit more, the mug is PAINTED GIRL!! but I will give this a 7.
This was my favorite fall look. The Freddy Kruger chic is it. I want that sweater! I need that sweater! The face is lovely. And the hair was made out of bandages! So good. 9.5

Sparkle runway:

Like I mentioned before, she pulls off a nice silhouette. Knows how to shape her body. The look is just really plain and a little boring. I’ll give it a 5.5.
This is also kinda plain. Though I love the shoulder piece. It’s beautiful. I just don’t like anything from the shoulder down. It looks unfinished. A corset and body suit should not be worn on the runway, her hair and makeup were gorgeous though. I’ll give it a 6.5
I love this! For a big girl she is serving it! I love the shape. How her hair matches the shoes and the eyeshadow. It’s really pretty. I give this a 9.
I don’t get the reference but I guess it’s from valley of the dolls. Idk, I love the accessories. And it’s nice to see Jackie not in a boot. I’ll give it a 7.
The dress is absolutely gorgeous. BUT… there are some problems with this look. The hair and makeup. They are not looking good, or matching the outfit. It cheapens it. I will give her a 4.5
For Gigi, I think this really fits her well and it’s beautifully made. I just don’t understand the helmet… I wish she gave us a slick back ponytail or short cut or something. The makeup is nice and the styling is great. I’ll give it an 8.
She’s giving me Him from the powderpuff girls. I love the idea. Her body looks great. The makeup is good. It looks a little like her spring look makeup. I don’t think the boots match. Maybe a thigh high boot might’ve helped a little. I’ll give it a 7.5

I will rate last episodes looks and the runway looks next week.

Why I want Crystal to be promoted to top 3

So after I made my choices, I looked at spoilers.

Look at how stunning her makeup and outfit is. She’s fierce!!

So there’s drama for season 12. Before Yesterday’s episode, we learned that Sherry Pie was disqualified from drag race for doing some nigga shit. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.buzzfeednews.com/amphtml/davidmack/rupaul-drag-race-sherry-pie-catfish-joey-gugliemelli

Crystal apparently made it to top 4. So if Sherry is disqualified… GIVE MY BITCH THE CROWN HOE!!