Mushroom, Far East Chinese and figuring out your truth

Sorry for the shit pic, but I got these two fortunes on completely separate days…

So the first time I got this fortune, I was in a college house in 2011 with DJ Far East and the kid that lived there. We ate mushrooms and I started crying and far easty was like “this is what mushrooms do”

Then someone ordered Chinese the next day, (cause fat east, ya know, even though I’m almost certain he was Japanese. Who cares? His dick was like a roll of dimes,but I digress) and we got these fortunes.

The second time wasn’t as memorable. I think I was in Montgomery or something.

No idea. But shout out to Far East and the kid. That kid couldn’t sing for shit but he just wanted to do that when we were all fucked up and it didn’t agree with me.

that’s really why I started crying.