Homeboy is like obsessed or something.

Idk but him and I never had sex. Never got naked. Made out like twice.

And I stopped talking to him because he was shakey and weird.

Every so often, he will text, call, or send me DMs. He left that creepy voicemail telling me how much he missed me even though we only hung out twice. Weird.

I stopped answering to the texts and the calls so he just kept DMing me until I responded.

He keeps asking me to hang out, and I keep saying no… but he won’t stop trying.

Like finally,

Like stop! Seriously.

Go the fuck away.

I almost

Forgot about physics for a minute.

I’m so easily distracted…

This is why I fuck ’em and don’t worry about them until the next time I want to fuck.

I don’t ever see him, how am I supposed to know that I feel that way?!

Let me live my life in the way I want, bitch!

Don’t judge me.

I just realized that Valentine’s Day is this week.

Leave it to me to be not fucking on the day Hallmark set aside for mother fuckers to fuck.

Guys on Tinder

Are so lame!!

They always want to talk chemistry like they actually can start smart. So your family is a bunch of chemists… great…

You’re not? But you wanna talk chem….so you ask what I work with in my lab, then look it up and try to sound like you already knew a bunch of reactions.

Nigga please!