Sorry, the opportunity arose where I hung out with someone I knew. Plus, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TEXT THE PERSON THE DAY OF!

ROOKIE. It doesn’t hurt to say, are you still up to hang later? It would’ve helped him to not waste his time.

So I just spent last night fucking more physicists. He did a good job this time! I’m trying to train him!

He was brave enough though. That’s all I can ask.

We were literally here for fucking hours. Longer than I would hangout with most I’d say. He’s interesting And has a good sense of humor.

And his cock is pretty fat. Not even gonna lie. He eats the poon good too. I’m just being honest.

I just woke up at noon. I might go back to sleep. This is wack. That’s what I get for fucking physics all night biatch!

But he’s super hot. He’s got the biggest head in the world. And I’m taking his virginity one fuck at a time.

Tonight, I was supposed to hang with Alain and smoke… but we’ll see. It’s snowing. I’ve had enough action for the week.