Homeboy was like 5’2….

But he was really cool! Ugh idk. I’m gonna try to find a tall guy, but I really like to atleast keep him as whatever. He was chill as fuck.

I have horrible luck though.

Can a mother fucker be like 5’8 even? Why?!?!

Since I’m so sexually frustrated

I was gonna fuck physics on New Years but I moved and my room was a mess, so I just saw him to see if I was still attracted. He did his little shy hard to get moves. Honestly, I can give a shit less if we ever fuck again. He’s a pet project.

So after, I went on the worlds best hook up app, tinder.

I talked to at least 10 people…

I don’t think I’ll ever get to 500 because I keep unmatching people. Haha

But so far this guy seems to be the best conversationalist.

I gave my number to three people… or four. Actually I think I gave my number to two and two gave me there’s… whatever, I have four new numbers.

The two people were not very good at conversation. All they wanted was to go out. I don’t go out with people who can’t even uphold a conversation. Like what the fuck? If the only thing you can text about is going out, you will not get any pussy.

So there’s the one guy. I’m too busy to really juggle as I did in the summer. But YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR BERNIE FOR ME TO BANG, bitch.

Actually, lmfao but…


So Ethan!!! Theeee Ethan is coming on Wednesday to pick up a shelf I am giving him. Maybe we will fuck. Something is up. Idk if he’s still with his GF. I hope so. He needs to get it poppin’

But idk idc really if we have any interaction. He seems kinda sad so I wanted to cheer him up with furniture in his new place.

What’s his face gets back next week I think. And there’s still some other white boys if I feel froggy but I’m really not feeling a small lacking dick at said moment. I NEED TO BUST A NUT.

Lol. God. My journal is so dirty. Fml.

Last time I had sex was very unsatisfactory. I need MOAR. No projects. No work (I’ll still end up doing work) but I don’t want to fuck any virgins right now. I need a man that knows what he’s doing.