It is very easy to get a prescription for xanax in America…
and sometimes doctors write thee prescriptions in ways that allow the user to take a pill for any situation, and sometimes they don’t but they user will still use the meds for any situation they feel they need.

This causes people to become addicted to the medication. As someone who was prescribed xanax for 2 years, I can say that the ride is not a great one. you take a pill whenever you feel some type of way, and then you get used to that feeling it gives you. Now you don’t have the personal will to feel the disturbing anxiety. Instead of working through it, you become addicted to not feeling.

I was in rehab, not for xanax, but for molly and oxycodones. I was taking xanax at the time, but I wasn’t addicted because I’d be so fucked up that I’d take the entire bottle and forget that I took a pill. I never had the chance to be addicted because I would take so much and not have any for later.

So when I was in rehab, I would be in there with people coming off of benzos and they were a hot mess. they’d be in detox for weeks on end. They’d shit their beds, throw up all over the place, sweat their mother fucking balls off.

I talked to a nurse when I was there and I asked her what the toughest detox would be, she told me that benzos were the toughest because you could actually die when that happens.

But do doctors actually care about this tough detox when their patients actually have to face light and realize that this medication is not actually helping them deal with life? NOPE.

Pharmaceutical companies are getting the last laugh after this. They’re the ones raking in. And doctors are the medium allowing them to rake in on the addiction and death of their patients.

Fuck that shit.

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