This happens to me all the time…

I hook up with someone a few times, and I don’t feel attracted to them at all anymore.

So I stay away from them even through they’re hitting me up, but I come up with excuses why I can’t, instead of just being real and saying, hey… I don’t want to fuck you.

Not saying I never have a good reason to not want to sleep with said person, either lack of having an orgasm, etc. but I can’t ever find a way to tell this person that I don’t want to hang out with them because I don’t want to be put in the position to have to tell them no to sex.

Lol. I’ve been such a bitch. I’ve blocked mother fuckers out of no where, ignored their messages, etc.

I’m getting more comfortable with being alone. I’m the only mother fucker that can give myself an orgasm anyway. 😂

I’m a fucking douche canoe sometimes.

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