Why I Am Voting For Bernie Sanders…

In 2016, I went to vote (registered Green Party) for president. This should’ve been an easy decision… it was Hilary vs. Trump.

My issue was, I wanted goddamn Bernie Sanders on that ballot. He stood for everything I cared for. Free healthcare for all Americans, among other things.

But, I had a choice between two evils, and I really didn’t want to vote for Hillary.

I left DUTCHESS community college (my intro to chemistry course) to vote. I got to veterans park in Montgomery, and I got my ballot and I stood in the ballot box… for what seemed like forever.

I voted for Sean Patrick Maloney. And other democrats… but when it came to President… I just couldn’t knowingly vote for Hillary. But my mom’s voice in my head, “choose Hillary”

So after what seemed forever, I bubbled in Hillary and hoped for the best.

The next morning I woke up and realized, Trump won.

This time, I am not going to fight with myself. This time, I don’t care what, I’m writing in Bernie Sanders.

Bernie is what we need.

He has great plans, and I think aside from foreign policy, he is pretty clear in what he wants to do.

So this year, I will be working for the Sanders campaign. Going out and getting signatures.

Let’s change the status quo.

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