I’m moving! To a better house with professional mofos.

That’s my new house. Sissy that walk, whore!

With school, I won’t know my horrible grades until the 21st. I’m not even nervous because I know I didn’t do well.

I kinda went into the finals with a defeatist attitude, and I got what I deserved.

Next semester, I will switch things up. I will also have Max as a professor, so I’m happy about that. I love Max!

I can’t stop listening to Rupaul. Hahaha I love that bitch. So random, but her songs are catchy as fuck. You Betta Werk!

Speaking of Ru…

Me and the bitch that won drag race season 7 had a great convo. Lol I love violet Chachki! She was fearse!! Check out her death becomes her look.

Jaw dropping! She looks more like a woman than I do, and I was born that way, bitch! Lol

ok so next semester, I only signed up for 11 credits, so I needed to find something for 1 credit… dude… it’s so difficult to find anything. I am doing the ATA the teaching thing, but I am deadass so annoyed with the amount of emails they send, and why they send these emails to me when they should go to the class. I understand some of the things was important for me to know, but to the extent of getting finals announcements when the program ended two weeks ago, it’s a little fucking annoying now.

I’m so annoyed. It would save me from killing myself with FOUR 400 level courses, but idk. I might take physical chem lab (even though I didn’t want to take a lab)

Mother bitch! Fuck shit!

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