When I was 12,

I remember for a year that this girl’s mom used to pay me $5 to hang out with her daughter.

Lol this is fucked up, but Diana lives in our apartment building across the hall from us. (When I was a kid, we moved around a lot, but the last downsizing we did before moving to the house was in a 2 bedroom apartment in Yonkers). I can’t remember if Diana and I started going to middle school together or what, but I was hanging out with Diana at her mother’s urging.

Diana has a brother who had muscular dystrophy, but he obviously had a crush on me. Lol so idk if that’s how it started, but I also know that Diana didn’t have many friends.

For a year before we moved, I hung out with Diana. and one day when I moved, I called her and I said that I liked it here, she hung up on me and never called me again.

I didn’t think about it until now, Diana really felt alone, and she had no one but me and I moved and I was happy.