Leaving The Party

I really think that my views really do not line up with the views of the Democratic Party as a whole.

Because of this, I’m thinking about leaving the party.

My reasons for this is the liberal media as a whole. Whenever they mention Sanders, it’s always a negative… but when they mention fucking fake ass Pete Buttigieg, it’s a positive.

They’re obviously posing him to be the next candidate, and I honestly think that this is a mistake.

If Pete is nominated, I might end up voting for Trump. I’d rather have an actual racist who is going to be racist in my face in office then a fake ass secret racist who fakes black endorsements.

The Democratic Party has yet to learn from 2016. AMERICA DOES NOT WANT YOUR ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE!!! America wants a populist candidate that is going to switch everything up.

Democrats are so frustrating. I can’t.

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