It’s Time to get Political! (Against Mayor Pete)

I don’t usually pay attention to politics, but when it’s about time to vote, I do. Plus, the president is about to get impeached, so I like to stay in the know:

Now, I am a registered Democrat (only since last year, I was registered Green Party for like 9 years or some shit.) so I pay attention to who’s running.

For the Democrats… we are in trouble. We have many candidates, but one in particular that is surging in support that I have an issue with is Mayor Pete Buttigeig.

First of all, he has had some racial issues in his town as Mayor, but I can’t really speak on it because I don’t really know much… but one thing this mother fucker did during the debate last night ticked me the fuck off.

There was a question about race relations and shit, and homeboy starts comparing being gay to being black. Um… no, bro.

I know that he is struggling in the polls when it comes to black voters, so he needed to try to get support, but that way isn’t it.

His healthcare policy is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. He called it “Medicare for all who want it”. Basically there will be a completely free public option healthcare, and private healthcare too. So you can choose to pay for something that people are getting for free. Lmao. Stupid.

Next, he talks at a tea party meeting saying that his views align with theirs. Mind you, tea party members made very racially charged comments about President Obama when he was elected.

That’s not the way to get the black vote.

Not only that… this guy is a millennial that does not stand for anything that millennials, as a cohort, care about.

He’s got fossil fuel executives on his climate change committee, he’s using fucking stock photos of black people and faking endorsements from blacks. Fuck the entire fuck outta here, Peter!

Something that is making me fume with anger are the Buttigeig supporters that are claiming that people speaking out against him are largely homophobic….


There goes the fucking identity politics… (larger post about that later)

But no, people of color like me not supporting Buttigeig are not supporting him because of his iffy record and dumb ass policies.

All I know is that 2016 really pissed me off because I had to vote for someone I didn’t want to vote for. I sat in my ballot box for almost half an hour trying really hard not to vote for Jill Stein.

I won’t vote for anyone but Bernie. I will write him in it need be!

About Pete, I’m glad to see a gay person in politics. I think it’s good to see different groups being recognized. But Pete is fake as fuck.

Pete is an establishment candidate with corporate backers. Because he’s gay, he needs to have typical right-leaning views and that is not what the Democratic Party should be!

I know that a Sanders win is a dream. This is why I registered independent for most of my voting life. Both sides are crooked, and I fear for the direction that the party and the government at large is going into.

There’s always Canada…

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