The N Word

Personally, depending on context, I don’t get offended when white people say the word. I mean, I don’t believe it should be a word in their regular vocabularies, but there are times when it is ok.

But the rules change so frequently on who can say the word, that I believe that no one should say it!

Stop the use of the N word.

Except me. Haha nigga.


#petebuttigiegisalyingmf is trending worldwide right now.

What the mother fuck have I been saying the past few weeks?!

Ok, so the reason this is happening is impart because a fucking comment he made a decade ago about black people not having examples of going to school and having a good upbringing and shit… whatever the case.

Why don’t mother fuckers call him out for having FAKE BLACK ENDORSEMENTS?

We already know he’s racist as fuck. Black people can feel that from a mile a way. I can tell when people are racist, but unfortunately it’s hard to prove.

Call his chicken shit lying ass about other shit.

My campaign rages on to end Mayor Pete and bring Bernie up.

Let’s go niggas!!

I bombed

The last biophys exam. I called it this time. So because this group of teachers I had this semester just sucked unbelievable ass and haven’t at all stimulated any excitement for the material, I gave the mother fucker a bad review.

Mother fucker doesn’t know shit about physics! (Neither do I, but I’m not teaching it, so he deserved the review I gave.

I can still get a B in the class, and I’m gonna need that B!!

More about how much I dislike Mayor Pete Buttigieg

So not only is he a closet racist, his campaign also had the mother fucking nerve to claim that blacks do not support him because he is gay.

No, we don’t support you because you’re a fucking closet racist.

I was talking to another black person about this… Trump is bad, but he isn’t that fucking bad. He hasn’t done anything extreme like start a nuclear war, or anything crazy as I’ve expected.

I would take four more years of Trump over four years of a lying closeted racist.

I respect Trump for actually being up front. What you see is what you fucking get.

Pete Buttigieg must be stopped… and I will not stop until he is off the debate stage.

Fuck Pete and whoever loves him.

My Pronouns

My pronouns are thou.

Thou would appreciate if you would refer to thou with thou’s proper pronouns.

Thou can’t understand why it’s so difficult to do.

Thou knows that thou looks like a woman, but thou just feels like 15th century today.

Fuck this shit.

Leaving The Party

I really think that my views really do not line up with the views of the Democratic Party as a whole.

Because of this, I’m thinking about leaving the party.

My reasons for this is the liberal media as a whole. Whenever they mention Sanders, it’s always a negative… but when they mention fucking fake ass Pete Buttigieg, it’s a positive.

They’re obviously posing him to be the next candidate, and I honestly think that this is a mistake.

If Pete is nominated, I might end up voting for Trump. I’d rather have an actual racist who is going to be racist in my face in office then a fake ass secret racist who fakes black endorsements.

The Democratic Party has yet to learn from 2016. AMERICA DOES NOT WANT YOUR ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE!!! America wants a populist candidate that is going to switch everything up.

Democrats are so frustrating. I can’t.

It’s Time to get Political! (Against Mayor Pete)

I don’t usually pay attention to politics, but when it’s about time to vote, I do. Plus, the president is about to get impeached, so I like to stay in the know:

Now, I am a registered Democrat (only since last year, I was registered Green Party for like 9 years or some shit.) so I pay attention to who’s running.

For the Democrats… we are in trouble. We have many candidates, but one in particular that is surging in support that I have an issue with is Mayor Pete Buttigeig.

First of all, he has had some racial issues in his town as Mayor, but I can’t really speak on it because I don’t really know much… but one thing this mother fucker did during the debate last night ticked me the fuck off.

There was a question about race relations and shit, and homeboy starts comparing being gay to being black. Um… no, bro.

I know that he is struggling in the polls when it comes to black voters, so he needed to try to get support, but that way isn’t it.

His healthcare policy is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. He called it “Medicare for all who want it”. Basically there will be a completely free public option healthcare, and private healthcare too. So you can choose to pay for something that people are getting for free. Lmao. Stupid.

Next, he talks at a tea party meeting saying that his views align with theirs. Mind you, tea party members made very racially charged comments about President Obama when he was elected.

That’s not the way to get the black vote.

Not only that… this guy is a millennial that does not stand for anything that millennials, as a cohort, care about.

He’s got fossil fuel executives on his climate change committee, he’s using fucking stock photos of black people and faking endorsements from blacks. Fuck the entire fuck outta here, Peter!

Something that is making me fume with anger are the Buttigeig supporters that are claiming that people speaking out against him are largely homophobic….


There goes the fucking identity politics… (larger post about that later)

But no, people of color like me not supporting Buttigeig are not supporting him because of his iffy record and dumb ass policies.

All I know is that 2016 really pissed me off because I had to vote for someone I didn’t want to vote for. I sat in my ballot box for almost half an hour trying really hard not to vote for Jill Stein.

I won’t vote for anyone but Bernie. I will write him in it need be!

About Pete, I’m glad to see a gay person in politics. I think it’s good to see different groups being recognized. But Pete is fake as fuck.

Pete is an establishment candidate with corporate backers. Because he’s gay, he needs to have typical right-leaning views and that is not what the Democratic Party should be!

I know that a Sanders win is a dream. This is why I registered independent for most of my voting life. Both sides are crooked, and I fear for the direction that the party and the government at large is going into.

There’s always Canada…

I know, I know

I always come on here and say, I failed this and I did poorly on that…. but this time, I think I actually what the bed in biophys.

I made so many mistakes that I realized after and I really think I got 25-30 points off. The one question was hard as fuck… I just used what I knew.

If I failed, the entire chemistry department can suck my…..

I’m just kidding. I’m not that angry. Plus, I’ve had enough people sucking various parts of my body, I don’t need anymore.

But anyway, just… idk. Fuck my life. This semester has really been a drag and I haven’t been trying hard enough and I’m getting the itis. I want to be a grad student!!!

I Will Never Agree With You.

I just realized how ‘polarizing’ I can be. I might be using the word incorrectly in this context, but that’s the only word I can think of to describe the experience with had for most of my life.

I just have strong stances, can be very passive aggressive, and in short, I think I’m right 100% of the time until I kinda think about it and still believe I’m like 95% right. Hahaha

I’m one of those people that voted for Obama, then talked shit about him when he was in office (except that Obama care though; I was in there with that shit)

The point I’m trying to make is… as agreeable I can be on a lot of things, It won’t last.

If you like things to remain the same always, you and I will never get along.

My Talk

Won me an award for the best oral presentation! Two people got the award, someone from the morning and one from the afternoon.

This is crazy because I really didn’t rehearse too much. I just met with Max twice, and I had a solid talk. He really helped me out with this. A lot.

I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. I need to have an entire lab report, and have a homework completely done.

The semester though, thank the fucking lord… is winding down. Finals are going to suck my asshole. I need to ask my biochemistry professor if his final is cumulative. All the shit we are learning now is just extreme!!


It’s a lot.

Exactly why it’s best for you to keep your fucking grabber shut tight and stop telling people what they want out of the “relationship”‘s they have with others.

I was told by the same individual who actually posted this for everyone to see on social media that I only date people that don’t challenge me enough.

Dude hardly knows my ass, and really wants to pass judgement on who I decided to share my vagina with. It’s obvious jealousy.

Pretty sad, because when we first met, he said that if I was monogamous, he would have to make me his girlfriend like I didn’t have a say in that decision and that it’s just open and free that I would want to be with him.

I swiped on you because I was trying to change my “type” of person I was dating all the time, at that time. But now, I just realize that that doesn’t matter.

So, you’re an ass! Go away.


I got an A- on my last biophysical exam. My grade is trending upward, which is good. I need to murder this next exam, but I am happy with a B at this point.

Yes bitch! I will slob on a nigga knob. Lol let me stop this shit right now.

Now, the biochemistry exam. That I know for sure I didn’t do as well. I was so dejected after my biophysical exam that I kinda just gave up on biochem.


So I am working on a kind of controversial post. It may take me a little bit since I am also typing up a bitch of a lab report for analytical.

But I am so tired of some of the left wing identity politics and it kinda makes me embarrassed for my political party.

Stay tuned!