Melatonin Dreams

Dude, the dreams are so weird and creepy. It makes it hard to sleep, which is the entire point of taking melatonin.

The other night I took it, but something was going on with the fam so I was up all night talking with my mom and sister. Once I finally got to sleep I had a dream that I had two cats but I couldn’t keep both or something, not sure what was going on, but I pulled out a gun and shot one of the cats! But I missed so the cat didn’t die, and I was afraid because my brothers and my sister were there so I didn’t want to shoot again with fear of a bullet ricocheting.

I woke up in horror. I love cats! I would never kill a cat or any animal.

Then, I had another dream that wasn’t as scary, but it was me eating a bag of UTZ pretzels and I was chewing and chewing. I bet I was actually grinding my teeth, which is a huge problem I have.

This is why I just drink to go to bed. Melatonin is scary as fuck!

Ugh, whatever.

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