Good lord.

My biophysical teacher really does not know how to teach. Especially this course…

So he went over the answers for the exam. I think I may have gotten anywhere from 15-25 points off. So somewhere in the B range or something. I really don’t know at all.

Knowing him, I got a 50. But his exams suck so much ass!! It’s like he doesn’t know how to make an exam where you’re not flipping back and forth during the exam. It’s frustrating. But I will take a fucking B and get the hell outta dodge at this point.

Today’s lecture, he definitely didn’t plan on giving it seemed. He kept repeating himself and going in circles. It is annoying as fuck.

Done with that.

So what makes actin/myosin move:

ATP hydrolysis occurs when ATP is unattached from the actin binding site. So the myosin has ADP and a phosphate attached. That gives the myosin energy and allows it to bind to the actin. Once that occurs, the free phosphate leaves and a power stroke occurs…. I think.

God help me!!

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