People on Public Transit

This morning I sat in the handicapped section where a gentleman was also seated. The handicapped section has three seats, homeboy really had this comfy pose, legs stretched completely out (and disturbing my personal space). I just made a grossed out face, but did not look at him at all… and he adjusted just to again have his legs past where they were supposed to be.

So annoying!

The other day, I was so angry going back and forth with the doctors office while I was on my way there (this was the weekend I had to detach my pump because shit was just going wrong), anyway this dude asks, “hey miss, would you like to sit down?” And I said no, my stop was coming up. And he goes, are you in school? And I said yeah. And he asks, what are you studying? And I go Chemistry. (Everyone and their mother knows that I’m a chemistry major, but obviously this dude didn’t get the memo) and he goes, so you want to be a doctor? And I said no, I wasn’t to be a [fucking] chemist (this idiot was starting to tick me off.) and he goes cool, cool! What do you want to do with it? I say, I want to work with insulin and diabetes. He goes, “you get diabetes when you eat a lot of sugar” and I look at the person next to me who was dying of laugher at this idiot, then I go, “no. Actually, sometimes it’s genetic” then, the kicker, he goes, “so do you want to exchange numbers to talk about chemistry?” And I said “nope” and I told him to have a great weekend and I got off the bus.

What kind of actual loser hits on someone on the bus? My brother goes, “nigga, if you that pressed, go on tinder”

He would’ve gotten a backswipe anyway.

This is a true story.

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