The stress of it all

Dude, these two exams will be the death of me. Idk if my analytical and biophysical professors got together and said, “Let’s have all of our exams fall on the same week so students get freaked the fuck out because literally there’s no way to study for both of these exams at the same time.

I kinda say fuck the analytical exam since the exam is done online and gives you hints and shit.

I’m still nervous about it because there’s a lot of shit I don’t think I know that well. I guess I have tomorrow to really review all this useless bullshit I will never in my life use again.

I’m dead ass over it. Seriously over it.

It took me to junior year to just be over all the bullshit, but here the fuck I am.

I also get to see my possibly abysmal score on my biochemistry quiz. My teacher is such a tough grader, he fucks everyone in the ass backwards with his quizzes.

Meh, I might just quit. But I really want to keep my grades up. It seems rather impossible, unless I turn into a cyborg and stop sleeping.

I had to add on a semester of still being here because this shit is killing me slowly on the inside, and I don’t want to continue dying.


I hope this nigga drops the lowest exam because I really don’t have any clue how the shit I’m gonna be able to get straight fucking As unless he does.


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