I take it back

My biophysical professor is actually really nice, he just doesn’t really know the topic that well.

I went into his office and he was asking me for all the equations! Lmao. Anyway, his practice problems fucking suck because I know he’s gonna add a phase change or some shit.

Oh well, my nigga I know that delta s= q/T and I q= delta h so he’s not going to get me this time.

Bitch ass niggasss. So last time I got a fucking 79 on the homework, and on the exam, 77. But this time I got a 93, so I’m hoping to get that on the exam. Bitch, I am not fucking around this time.

I’m gonna take adderall and study all night long. Seriously. Oh, I also have an analytical exam, but those are pretty simple. I just need to look over the last thing we learned cause we had a substitute who was French or something and that accent was too much. I was like huh?! So I will have to actually read that chapter.

Faaack mi lifeeee!

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