I’m back in school. My ass studied physical chem all day yesterday because of the idiotic mistakes I made on the last exam.

But I’m not gonna lie, this teacher sucks ass. He gives us such generic examples in class and then the homework questions are so much more complex, and not even that… he never does the actual examples right, it’s like bro… maybe you should prepare a little more before class my dude.

Though he’s right next to our lab, and I know he prepares… it’s not enough, obviously. I wish I was taking the 300 level physical chem so I can actually be able to find practice questions and shit.

This class sucks unbelievable ass. But I was able to answer a lot of the questions correctly in the homework, so I’m guessing I could just change the numbers and practice those? It’s kinda stupid though. Mehhh. Whatever. I’m about to go in now.

Good thing I don’t have lab. I fucking hate that lab.

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