I feel bad

For my analytical chemistry professor. After class I ran into him in the hallway and he asked me if his lecture made sense today because I guess half of the class wasn’t getting it.

He goes, you seem to understand… so does the front row, but then when you go farther and farther back they stop understanding. Hahaha

Oh well.

There were a few really dumbass questions asked during that class though. Like some of these chemistry majors really try to make themselves sound smart by asking the most dumbass questions ever.

He literally just told us that at the equivalence point of a titration, all of the acid will be neutralized into a salt of the conjugate base which then reacts with water as a base to take a proton and create OH-, making the solution basic. This is first day general chemistry….

And this kid asks, but is t the equivalence point at a lower pH sometimes….I read somewhere that that was true

LMAO. So sometimes all the acid isn’t neutralized? Then that’s not an equivalence point.

This was my lab partner that asked the question, and I kinda knew why he was asking… because our equivalence points for lab were all over the place, but instead of just asking, or figuring out that our numbers were fucked and shut the fuck up, he acted like he read it somewhere.


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