Another Chemist I Cannot Stand

Speaking of how much I hate chemistry majors, this new grad student in my lab is starting to piss me off during biochemistry.

He asks a bunch of questions that aren’t even really questions… they’re just statements to try to sound smart, and he takes up class tome to do this.

Also, when the teacher comes in, he moves the tables and shit for him to clear the area near the board like the professor isn’t a grown man and can’t do it for himself. He’s just kissing so much unbelievable ass, it’s disgusting.

He doesn’t even do that for Max who is his boss lol. I’m done with him.

I remember when I was having trouble in the class, he instead of fucking helping me, goes on about how he’s the only grad student who passed the analytical comp.

Good for fucking you, but what the fuck does that have to do with my issues in biochemistry? He just wanted to show off. I remember when that happened, Aly was like um, here Fatima, I used this video to prepare for my comp and maybe it will help you, then he goes, can you send it to me too?

I cannot stand his ass and that hideous orange sweater he continues to wear every day.

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