Out of all the exams I took during the past two weeks, I did the best in biochemistry. Hahahahaha.

Even I was surprised! I got an 85, which in this class is basically an A. He’s a tough grader though. Holy crap. But after my run of 78’s, I’m happy to be more than average somewhere, finally. GIVE ME THAT FUCKING B+, BRO!!

One more exam and I’m done with this class!! Well, the final too… but I am so happy about this development.

Woot! I finally successfully synthesized a trans-cyclooctene acid. This is a fairly simple synthesis, but something always went wrong during the summer when I was doing the reaction. This week, however, I was not playing games. I started the synthesis on Friday. I was basically done with it at the end of the day Friday. Reaction was quenched and solvent evaporated. So today, the worst part of the reaction… purification. Meh.

I think I lost a lot of my yield during the work up. But also with purification, it’s hard to know for sure if you’ve collected each fraction. I may have lost some during biotage too.

But whatever. I synthesized 470 mg of the acid, so suck my ass!

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