I can

Never stand any of my lab partners… but this one is about all the annoying I can handle.

This guy is older.. he has to be a little older than me, at least. He writes every single thing down. Every single calculation, everything he does during lab.

So there was a lab where I had to leave early because my pump ripped off. I asked these idiots for the numbers and data, and he in particular gave me a bunch of useless data defined in his own way.

He kept calling everything a sample or a dilution… it’s like but where the fuck did these get diluted from?!

Every time I ask, he gives me an answer about the theory of the lab, and that’s not what the fuck I’m asking for.

I’m glad you want to show off that you u derstand the fucking theory, but give me the data in a way I can understand, and shut the fuck up.

Chemistry majors are about the most annoying mother fuckers on planet earth. Even when they ask questions in class, they try to show that they know all this shit…

It’s pretentious.

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