OMG Ronnie!!!

So I felt so sick after my biophysical quiz on Monday that I skipped school yesterday. This weekend is gonna be a bitch so I’m preparing for it.

Omg Ronnie!!

I haven’t been very focused this semester, at all. I had a sit down chat with myself last night and really had to get my priorities in order.

This summer kinda got me in bad habits and shit. I went hard this summer, like I would never have sex again or something. My vagina wanted a break after July, but I went so hard…

I also realized that my mind was not on the prize. I began to doubt my ability to complete my bachelors degree in a timely matter. I began to think that I wouldn’t ever become an actual chemist… and those thoughts put me back on earth.

I am talented, and I can do this. I’ve been doing it for the past 3 months!

I have these exams coming up and I really need to start buckling down and getting my act together.

So NO EXCUSES THIS WEEKEND!!! I need to be able to do this shit in my sleep, bro. My biophysics teacher is working pretty slow though.

And the conversions are so annoying. Why the fuck would you make a nigga convert a gas constant?

That shit is trassshhh!!

And the way the homework is laid out for us is also trash. You’ll only be able to answer one or two questions after every lecture. I only have about 30% of the homework done and the exam is next week.

Guess what I will be doing all weekend you fucking cunt bags, that’s right, unit conversions.

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