I Feel So…

Behind this week… I have so much work I have to do, but I also recently dropped my afternoon class so I have a lot of extra time on my hands.

I may have to pull an all-nighter tonight to finish typing up my lab outlines for analytical chemistry. God this lab is so fucking annoying.

I have a physical chemistry quiz today. I have no idea what he is going to ask, but so far everything we are doing is pretty straightforward.

I am just going to make sure everything is done before Friday…

I got my first assignment to create more CCO in the lab… the first time I did it, I was working under max… so this will be the first actual time I’m doing it by myself.

I planned on starting it on Wednesday, so by Friday it should be purified and ready to go for photochemistry.

We will see!

My Fridays are so awesome now… I don’t have to deal with Arabic class which was getting on my last fucking nerve with the teacher’s teaching style. The bitch sucks… no if and’s or but’s.

In lonely physicist news, he hasn’t messaged me since Friday, which is a good sign. I think he got the hint…

I think he may have a drinking problem… I mean, I also have a drinking problem, but I just shut the fuck up about being drunk if I am.

He just kinda made an ass of himself; for a 34, 35 year old man, I just kinda expected someone not as awkward with better things to say… but instead he was kinda weird. We had nothing in common… and my past dealings with his fat tiny dick friend KEPT COMING UP…

He even had the nerve to ask how far Fatty and I went. That’s so fucking weird to ask…

It’s like he was going to imagine it then go jerk off in a sock about it later when he realized how lonely his existence is.

Fucking weird, but I hope I got that squared away.

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