Mother fucker

Suck my dick tho!

Fuck… I don’t think I’m that good at solving buffer problems. Shit. Fuck. Bitch. Nigga shit.

Guess whose office I will be in today…

I can’t even understand him.

Trade with Max! And his sexy ass.




This is the fucking funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

But ok, ok, let’s get serious here now…. we’ve got two little virginal physicists. One, is fucking sexy as fuck! He knows I think he is. I mentioned the fucking problems… but besides that, he can be trained.

Then we got dry spell, who can’t stop asking people questions about me. Like OD. He’s asking the hot one who thinks it’s fucking hilarious….

He needs to shut the fuck up! Like seriously. Stop fucking telling people about your personal life and asking for opinions like you’re not a mid 30’s adult.

I knew I made a good choice when the other one was like ughhhh….

Anyway, so biochem dude decided to reschedule the quiz so he can do his fucking job and show us all how to actually solve the fucking problems.

Good job! 🖕🏾

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