I’m Late

For research lab right now. I got a horrible headache…. I’m dead.

God, the boss is looking doable today. I want to spank that ass! Ok, let me stop… hahaha.

I am the pro tip master. So I tried to give some protips to one of my pupils in the Physics dept. I think he took them with a grain of salt… but lol so funny….

I ran into the half cracked dude today…. I actually hit him up earlier because he told me he did some biochem stuff, so I was trying to get help…. but he was getting coffee at the little coffee place on campus. We walked together to our other destination….

He’s so awkward… it’s so awkward. He’s also SUPER short. Holy shit, I did not notice before… but lol…

Imagine that out of the three of them, he has the biggest wiener… 😂😂😂😂 that would be what would happen too.

Lmfao… 😂

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