So Lol

I don’t think I’ve talked out this publicly, so here the fuck we go…

There is 1 physicist who is completely aware, one that knows practically nothing, and one that only knows half of the story.

It’s so fucking funny!

So Saturday Morning, I was awoken by a bunch of hey text messages by half the story dude. He was obviously drinking. He invited me to come out, at like 1 am. Lmfao. Completely aware dude is so scared about me even going out by myself at night, he wouldn’t have even asked…

But I guess the completely aware dude was hanging with him all night long, so was Fatty, and I actually came up.


I’m guessing they didn’t tell Fatty.

I was supposed to see the aware physicist but he was zombiefied, supposedly. I told him I would train him later and he totally didn’t understand what I meant. LMFAO.

These guys are just so nerdy. It’s pretty fucking hilarious.

Aware guy and I had the funniest convo about this. It was pretty great.

As long as Fatty doesn’t find out my stealth moves, I think we’re good. Just everyone, keep your mouth shut!

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