I won’t let them take you, hell no.

I almost forgot that Albany’s bus system Sucks. I was thinking of putting my car back on the road. Soon.

I brought mad shit to school today because I can be in my office, that’s right, my desk in the lab is my office. You can gladly email me at my email address and meet me at my office…

But I got this physical chemistry book. I opened it last night, shit looks like a physics textbook. I’m so over it.

I actually have a lot of shit I need to do before Saturday… so I’m gonna do it!

I’ll fuck next week. But holla at me Maximus.

Dude, the dad wear has gone to an all time high. Why?!? In the name of fucking Jesus Christ do I not ever see anyone sexy… ever. Shit is so lame.

That dad outfit gotta go tho, if you’re tryna get pussy. If not, keep doing what you’re doing bro. Nothing is stopping you from achieving your goals.

🐍 I’m an asshole.