Only. Use me. More.

Let’s see…

I get so fucking scared that I literally shake and sweat my balls off every time I have to go into his office.

I just feel like he’ll be like, you’re fired, bitch. And I’ll be all like OMG. No…

but holy shit, I’m tired right now. In the very least I would want him to not make me do anything.

I feel extra fat today… for no reason! Well, maybe because I’ve been acting extra fat lately.

I haven’t eaten my all my dates leftovers or anything, or start licking my fingers like I have no home training… but I am fat.

My ass is huge! It doesn’t help at all.

So max told me that he wants to continue paying me during the semester. Woot!!

I came up with a plan to study Arabic and have fun… and this plan includes me studying Arabic while stoned, and also taking all my exams stoned. Hahahaha we will see!

so I asked Nerdy friend Bryan to teach me calculus III. Even though I don’t need it, it can only help. But it seems as if he cleared his entire schedule to do this.

And he’s also asking me to bring alcohol… I hope he knows I don’t want to do anything with him… like sexually. Just teach me the math and let’s go ma dude.

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