I Haven’t

I haven’t talked about the physics in a while… my blog is getting boring, I’m sorry, but I haven’t really been thinking about our mathematical friends in the past few days.

I’m taking some graduate level courses, bitch.

Not saying I’m not dtf (I always am) but it’s a complicated situation. Is it worth it?

Probably not… but we got a three day weekend. If both parties get bored enough, me especially, I’ll go back on the prowl.

Right now, I’m ok without it.

But that guy is pretty sexy, not even gonna lie bro.

I was a little less drunk (127% less drunk) last time we did the do… and some things became apparent…

I told you about how I’m gonna try to train dude to handle my pussy… well, it might take a little bit, but I think it could be done.

He just needs more practice! 😋

When the others are concerned, I haven’t seen any of them. (Well the ones I’m tryna see anyway. I think I saw Fat dude that I will not call fatty anymore a few days ago… but none of the prime sexy beasts)

My ass got so fucking fat though! It literally sticks out, I can’t hide it…. I need to stop eating.

Hopefully I have sex soon because my pussy is ready to (actually) sit and ride something.

(That position is a weakness for some people)

Plus, I would like to finally have another orgasm caused by a male. I think the difference now is that I’m not doing a girthy dude. That shit used to hit with Sean.

But he was a psychotic fuck…

Only. Use me. More.

Let’s see…

I get so fucking scared that I literally shake and sweat my balls off every time I have to go into his office.

I just feel like he’ll be like, you’re fired, bitch. And I’ll be all like OMG. No…

but holy shit, I’m tired right now. In the very least I would want him to not make me do anything.

I feel extra fat today… for no reason! Well, maybe because I’ve been acting extra fat lately.

I haven’t eaten my all my dates leftovers or anything, or start licking my fingers like I have no home training… but I am fat.

My ass is huge! It doesn’t help at all.

So max told me that he wants to continue paying me during the semester. Woot!!

I came up with a plan to study Arabic and have fun… and this plan includes me studying Arabic while stoned, and also taking all my exams stoned. Hahahaha we will see!

so I asked Nerdy friend Bryan to teach me calculus III. Even though I don’t need it, it can only help. But it seems as if he cleared his entire schedule to do this.

And he’s also asking me to bring alcohol… I hope he knows I don’t want to do anything with him… like sexually. Just teach me the math and let’s go ma dude.