So I bought my new Juul (what we left off on yesterday) it’s only $20. Plus I’m not about to ask that man to look for it.

Today, I have one of the Russian teachers. I love Russians…. I mean, I guess I love Max because he’s so cavalier. Hopefully all Russians are like that. hahaha

Then I got the Orgo on steroids later. Kill me dead!!

I’ve been a ghostface killah lately.

I’m sorry, all these niggas is getting ghosted until I figure out how to juggle these 17 credits.

I just saw my final. I fucked up on question 3… question 5, I was able to do pretttywell until nigga said derive this equation… I was like naaah!

But OMG!! Max isn’t back yet… I need this man to come back and let me know what he wants me to do the rest of the semester.

The Russian dude wasn’t that bad. He was really friendly. I dipped out 20 minutes early though. What he was talking about wasn’t severely important though.

All I know is… bio chem is a very mysterious class. My professor hasnt put it on blackboard, no books were required for the class… and I’ve never even seen this professor before.

I’m just going to record every lecture just in case this class is like bio and requires you to memorize a bunch of shit.

Omg… there’s so many grad students in this class. If the new dude in my lab is in this class, I will study with his Iranian Ass. Oooh! Yes! He’s in here!

Omg. I just realized all the biology I don’t know, and it’s pretty bad… this class just started and this nigga just made it hard as fuck (not in a sexual sense)