Someone Knows Something.

I wish niggas would STFU!!

But LOLZ, I just saw the smelly TA waiting for the bus with me. Idt he takes my route but omg I will karate chop someone’s big ass head off if he ran his mouth.

I guess now that I’m almost certain that all the info is out there in the open, fuck it….

I’m sorry Nick, you were kinda boring… conversationally. But I’m sure you’re cool. But the video games, the amino acids and the boron… nah bro.

At least the Turkish dude came at me with the Bassnectar. And he’s rather entertaining, conversation-wise, anyway.

Plus he’s fucking sexy as fuck! (Sweats a fucking crazy amount though).

I feel as if I need to give Nick a compliment so here… you’re smarter than both those niggas. It’s not gonna get you any pussy, but it’s a good start.

I tried to be nice, but I’m not good at pretending. So whatever.

Someone has my fucking juul… I’m about to buy another one. For no reason!!


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