I Always Thought That You Would Beeeee The One…

School sucks the shit straight out of my ass, but I’m here. Learning some Arabic shit to make the man think I’m other worldly.

I’m dead ass planning to get a damn C- in that class, bro. Who the fuck wants to do this?

I can’t bullshit this like physics, or I’ll end up saying some rowdy ass shit I didn’t mean to. Oh well, I’ll figure it out. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO BUY THAT GODDAMN TEXT BOOK.

It’s hard to look at me and think, woah, A student… but bitch… I do what the fuck I gotta to get to the next class ok…. this is all a sequence!

Max probably isn’t back yet, but I wish. I could atleast give him this bio statistics book I acquired from the bio dept. He’s so hot… I need to fucking stop.

I’ve tried to switch out of this Arabic class like 7 times, and still… I’m stuck here. So I’m just gonna pretend to pay attention. And just be on my phone the entire time.

I can’t wait to do some physics. God, am I actually saying this? Compared to this shit, I miss physics… I don’t wanna write any papers!!

“And if I wasn’t rich and already lit, I’d come where your house at.” DATAINTDABABYDATSMAHBAYBAY.

So I am now on my way to the fake physical chemistry class. They put it in the business building, I’m not sure why…. but I’m tryna sit right next to mehmet.

If I can get mehmet to like me like Max does (not sure if he actually likes me, but he definitely realizes my talent), I can do some biophysical research in his lab.

This is the first grad class that I am taking at this school. It’s a little intimidating… I don’t really even know if I remember how to integrate.

I feel like I forgot all that shit.

All I know is the definition of the first law of thermodynamics: deltaU = Q-W.

So the change in potential energy = heat created by system – work done on system (that might actually be incorrect)

Ok, yeah, that was wrong. Q = heat supplied by the system – W= Work done by the system

But if I can impress the entire dept this year, I’ll be in there!

Too many Turkish people/situations I’ve been in lately… oh well, I’m aiming for an A- in this class. Please for the love of god, give me an A- bro!!

All I need is an 80% average in this class for an A-, so I’m hoping I can get close.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna see Jesse to see my final… finally. I’ve been going through it in my head still I found out my score…

I either got a perfect score on 3 questions, and did decent on one to get 8 points, or I did two questions really well and two not so well.

I think #3 and #5 kicked my black ass. But when I saw the first problem and it was a mother fucking point charge, my ass was like… I can do this!

The last few questions were to derive a bunch of equations and all this bullshit like ain’t nobody in this class actually trying to get into theoretical physics so simmer your shit down, Jess.

But I’ll see how many points he gave me for putting something down.

68/100 earned me a fucking B+ so I was atleast decent compared to my classmates. Lmfao.

Mehmet wasn’t that bad actually! He was pretty nice, had a clear grading criteria… and seemed to be open to helping students during office hours.

I feel like I will be in this nights office a lot (he has the same office as Max… so I’ll be there whether I’m there for him or not.

woot! I’m ready for this semester to get it crackin’

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