Don’t Tell.

So he’s not gonna tell. Supposedly. He tried to act like I was the person he was asking about this. Lol I said, “don’t tell anyone!!” Not even Nick bro!

Well, Nick… Hahahahahahahaha

So yeah, I just told him and his big ass head to STFU.

I decided, I will not call Eric Fatty anymore, it’s mean… and I’m fat now. Even though big Asian head dude was like, “yeah, you called him fat. But I don’t think you’re fat… I think the Starbucks guy was trying to write your name.” Lmfao

Still… I love sex with virgins.

I saw him on Tinder though. Obvious left swipe, but the pics are pretty bad. Maybe if he wasn’t such a douche, I’d help him get bitches.

(Since I’ve also been fucking one of his friends, and all his other friends also want to fuck me. This is hyperbolic. I don’t think that library dude would. The physics.)

But… yeah… I took a pic in this guy’s Rivers Cuomo glasses but I can’t post it.

His head is super large. I’m not even over exaggerating. I didn’t notice until yesterday.

I lost one of my juuls in his house or car or somewhere in my crib. My rooms a mess, that shit is a goner.

He likes using my juul too. Congrats!

I gotta start going to the gym like tomorrow morning. Before class. I’ve been acting so fat. lol.

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