Got me in here with all the Chinese students right now…


He’s paying me a full days wages for this… this is worst than when he had me rotovaping DMF off something.


I’m suffering! I’m just waiting. Maybe after lunch I can leave and reconsider what the rest of my life will be while school is in session.

My hair wants to be dreads… I need to find someone willing to lock the fuck out of my hair.

But Max… please… bring that sexy ass back!!

I miss him, seriously.

I forgot to tell you guys the good news: I’m an Aquarius sun, Taurus rising and a Scorpio moon…

I guess that means something. Oh, also, most of my planets are in Capricorn. Mehhh.

I’m just a bitch, what astrological sign does that correspond to?

Let it go.

Honestly, the summer is officially over as far as I’m concerned…

So all the people I saw in July, the beginning, and you haven’t seen me since… you should probably give up.

My inbox is just so full with bullshit. I wanna ghost without any question… ya know?

But whatever…

I just want some regularity in the sex I am having.

Maybe make it a little better… I’m a little scared to even ask for better sex because I’ll be fucking really disgusting mother fuckers at that point. Hahahah

But whatever. Shooting shots