Memorable Tinder Profiles Part 9

Now… now… now…

Lookie what we got here…

David, you are 35 (or so your profile says), but you look like you’re in your mid 40s… at least.

I guess that can or cannot be your fault. I guess you have a 50-50 responsibility problem with that.

Fine, but looking for friends that will lead to marriage?! Bro, you’re on tinder…

I honestly believe any person that actually goes on tinder looking for some type of a “real” relationship will be very sad in the end.

Tinder is all about the anonymity of dating.

A shit load of first dates; maybe a second one. You might hook up on the first date, you might hook up on the third.

You might be a one-night stand, or you might not…

It’s a fucking crapshoot; you’re looking in the wrong place.

He deadass looks like my gym teacher in high school though. Coach Burke!

Oh another thing, I haven’t really been paying attention, but his profile also states that he is unemployed. How do you legitimately expect to find marriage on tinder if it says you’re unemployed?!

And the Skillet, to top this sundae off with more shit that is such a damper to an already difficult profile to like. Damn man.

You really need to actually think about what you’re doing in life, David.

This is just a female POV.

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