Jake is a Sick Puppy.

There’s something wrong with this man…

He’s such a sick fuck, it’s almost hilarious…

I can’t ask for advice because he always say some freaky shit!

Anyway… Neuton epsilon Tesla Force Inductance current variable is the answer.

Don’t worry about it.

I need to actually start working out. Like for real. So I’m thinking on Mondays, I’ll start going with James to the gym.

This is what I get for calling people fat, now I feel fat.


That starbucks employee really knew my complex!

Whatever. I don’t have plans for this weekend… I really need to order by books, maybe buy some notebooks and shit. I know I’ll need a really neat one for biochem…

It’s like Orgo on steroids (which are lipids, btw).

Mehhhhh!! And it takes me a minute to settle in on a new routine. Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s, my black Ass is taking Arabic class in the early afternoon and that shitty diet physics class right after.

Then Tuesday and Thursday, I got quant and bio chem.

Wednesday nights, quant lab. Niggas is deadass trying to cause me to jump off state quad.

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