I Just Don’t Like Having Sex With Hot People

Seriously… something is fucking wrong.

Any time I think someone is hot, they fail to deliver….

I’m dating fat mother fuckers from now on bro.

I’m just kidding.

But this has to do with the Engineer. Wtf.

I’d rather go with the closer option. Fuck Troy bro.

It’s kinda the same except um a major detail that makes it not really the same.

I’m so stupid.


But decisions… I should’ve boxed up that diner though. I’m so hungry and stoned right now. I’m about to cook, that’s how hungry I am.

But anyway, I’ll figure out the fwb situation soon… hopefully.

I have some things to work with I guess.

I think I might go on one more date. Fuck!! I don’t want to… but, I might. Honestly. I’m ripping my weave out right now so I might go off tinder until I feel like I like my hair.

But seriously… wtf. I keep typing this then get distracted by comparing the last two weeks.

Whatever. We’ll see.

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