I’m Just A Kid.

And life is a nightmare. But ugh…

Am I really a mature adult?

Can I stop being an asshole trying to prove a point? I know there’s an advisor out there that doesn’t wanna deal with the bullshit…

So can I just be an adult for once in my fucking life?

Or if we’re all adults, who cares?

I am in my fucking prime, ladies and gentlemen. Let me rock.

I obviously have some kind of strange fetish geared towards dudes that can do shit that I can’t… but at the end of the day they’re all an incomplete piece of a perfect person.

Thus, I gotta get it how I live!

Fuck, like as much as I act the contrary, I am an adult…

we all are.

So why would this effect anyone?

Let a nigga live her life, bro!

To be honest through, that is all a romanticized version of what I would care to see/..

There are people who should know that I’m a fucking bitch.

And they do know…

They just want to opportunity to fuck me.

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