Even though

Friday can’t fuck for shit, he has the makings of someone whom can be trained… ya know…

This one I’m talking to right now is a little… well, bland.

Friday is also sexy as fuck… but I’m not really sure how I can get this to work. Maybe, I can wait til I’m bored… then ask him if he wants to make out and fuckkk.

He was a good kisser! I will not take that away.,. He just needs practice. Lmao

This week it’s just Dylan and James. Dylan was hot as fuck, bro!

And an engineer… hey, I’m attracted to the mathematical mind.

Fuck it!

Who does it hurt?

Lmfao. But I know these nerds will not shut the fuck up!!

Zip it!!

I gotta get one of them to shut the fuck up. I’m thinking Friday dude is too stupid to talk. But he should still just shut it. I don’t think he’s ever on campus so maybe I have nadda to worry about… I think.

I’m taking over, niggas!

Honestly, I love me some RPI engineers and some Of the physics from my school, fuck you! Leave me aloneeeee!!

I’m Just A Kid.

And life is a nightmare. But ugh…

Am I really a mature adult?

Can I stop being an asshole trying to prove a point? I know there’s an advisor out there that doesn’t wanna deal with the bullshit…

So can I just be an adult for once in my fucking life?

Or if we’re all adults, who cares?

I am in my fucking prime, ladies and gentlemen. Let me rock.

I obviously have some kind of strange fetish geared towards dudes that can do shit that I can’t… but at the end of the day they’re all an incomplete piece of a perfect person.

Thus, I gotta get it how I live!

Fuck, like as much as I act the contrary, I am an adult…

we all are.

So why would this effect anyone?

Let a nigga live her life, bro!

To be honest through, that is all a romanticized version of what I would care to see/..

There are people who should know that I’m a fucking bitch.

And they do know…

They just want to opportunity to fuck me.