It’s a dichotomy

Ok, like listen before you judge me ok…

So we got these scientist who don’t get ass… then not scientists that do. It’s like what do I do…

I’m obviously innately attracted to the non pussy getting scientist… but I just want to have an orgasm!

Fucking hell tho. Shit

I can’t stop laughing at what my life is right now. Lmfao.

Oh well. Going for 3/3!

Ok, so, lmfao…but… how am I gonna match with his best friend? This is bad… Fati… stop this!! But hahahahahahahaha

God, this is so bad.

It’s actually quite funny. Who’s the dept gonna be talking about more? Well… since I’m taking it over… listen, just hang on… let me create my spreadsheet first, then I’ll figure out the rest.

I’ll bring home the Turkey, if you bring home the bacon.

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