It’s A Game

I’m close to 500… I wonder how many other physicists i can find… Hahahahahahaha

I don’t even wanna!! I just want to sleep.


I think I’m very hungry but very lazy. I don’t want to do shit. My head hurts though.

So how in the fuck is someone in grad school for 10 years?!

Fatima! Don’t even do it, you fucking bitch!!

My shits just too much. That is all.

Actually pussy was had. It’s just not gonna he talked about right now because I need to have more class, ok.

What the fuck?! We talk about music. Stop reading into shit.

my pump has been acting like a bitch… I gotta figure this out.


Oh noooo!! Lmfao.

Let me finally say, I went out with One of Eric’s colleagues last night. He fucking knew dude!

It’s like Fatty really ran his fat ass mouth!!

But I’m not saying more than that.

Except who orders bud light? Hahahahahaha

Shit happened.

Lmfao. I’m not going out tonight!

my head hurts. I’m hung over.

It’s the times when I already knew I wanted to fuck. I’m not gonna say anything about Mechanics. Ahahahahaha Danger!

I need to do the Dylan thing… and that’s it.

sex. Fuck.

I can’t deal! Lol


I just can’t even deal with my life right now. We compared. It was lmfao Hahahahahaha

I can’t really come up with anything because a lot is hazy….

but I can’t even reveal this right now.

I’m an asshole!! But we all knew that…

No more theoretical physicists! Lmfao I think there’s actually one more I need to fuck and I’m free.

Let me stoppp!! Ahahah

But seriously, I’m trying to take over the department.