I’m deadass just trying to smoke my sativa if possible. Just gotta get through these next 5 hours.

Meh, I gotta double book myself. Looks like one of the physicists is not awake right now. I wonder what RPI got on Albany…

who the fuck knows?! I set up my reaction, I’m tryna bust outta here real quick!

I saw a family sized bag of Doritos talking to a funnel cake. This seems to happen every time I talk to that 85/15 steal my dude! I don’t get this!!

Lookie at what I found!!

you know I had to buy it when I saw it!


So I smoked some DMT last night with James, that shit was crazy!

I can’t quite describe it, but the world was a different place. Everything was crazy geometrical shapes, but it’s own geometry.

So weird.

I liked it a lot, actually. Reminded me of the beginning of an acid trip.

I was fucking floaty and gitty.

We’re tripping acid on Sunday. It’s like fuck the universe! Haha