I deadass feel dead right now. Because of ramen.

I’ll tell the story…but before I do that, the bus needs to stop with the air conditioning, it’s not even that warm out.

Anyway, Dylan and I got the “best ramen in the capital region” last night. Omg though, he was sexy as hell. First PhD. (real PhD. that I met that was actually sexy and not out of their mind)

Anyway, he looks 1000x better than his pictures. I curved JP. Sorry bro, you’re too weird!

Dylan was super adorable. I just couldn’t help it.

Someone smells like BO on this bus. I think it’s the guy in front of me, but whatever…

So we got the ramen, then we went to madison pour house.

We drank and spoke. And it went well in my estimation. 1/2 ain’t bad. I have two more to meet this weekend and I’m done!

It’s fun though. But I just need those consistent partners or people to date. Like multiple tho.

And it’s like I got all the PHYSICS in the world right now now nowww

Speaking of physics, NMR can suck my big black dick.

it’s just so irritating!

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