Hey hey heeeeyyy

Lol James and I went and raced go carts last night.

I beat his ass, don’t let him tell you anything. I was passing a mother and her young son. They didn’t know what they were doing.

So now I’m going to work. I’m shot, really.

Russell is demoted, for real now. It’s like if you can’t be up to standards, and just say shit without acting like a fucking pussy… you out. So he’s out. As far as I’m concerned, Josh is on his last leg.

I’m tryna fuck a few RPI physicists. Catch my drift? So that’s my focus for this week. And I think Dustin on Tuesday?

Whatever. I am happy with James and some randos at this point. All these other niggas are wack!

I feel a turkey sandwich. Only I know how that feels.

Oh fuck. At the end of this week, I am going to have to come up with a lot of things:

First on the docket is my talk. This will be the first time I talk to my group about what I’ve been doing. Max is gonna tear me a new asshole!

Secondly, I gotta be able to explain past indiscretions. This is the tough one. I should’ve said something before, but I wanna see how things go first.

It seems as if I’ve double booked myself for tomorrow. Wtf!!

Max has me trying out a new kinda reaction, so that’s being done… until tomorrow!