Bloody Murder.

My vagina is about to scream bloody murder.

I track that shit! I know why it is!

Cort is such a cute little guy!

So discussing with James the happenings in my poor life is so funny. We’re basically the same mother fucker, just in opposite bodies, so I’m like, “Hey babe, I wanna fuck this scientist right here”

And he’s all like, “hmmmm… idk I think this may not be the greatest idea in the world”

But I’m all like, “I wanna try it waaah”

In all honesty, I really feel super comfortable around James and I take his advice seriously and to heart… but I don’t ever listen! I want to make as many enemies as I can!

Not really… but it can only go one of two ways!

Anyway, today Max has me working by myself with very dangerous chemicals. I’m working with the base sodium hydride. This rxn could potentially create a biproduct of hydrogen gas. Also, NaH can cause a fire if it comes in contact with water… so I’m being super careful!

Let’s talk about this:

I took these screenshots on different days, so you will have to excuse the time discrepancy, but I really think homeboy thought that there was a slim chance that I would change my mind about being friends and start spending all my free time with him.

Trust me, broski, I would’ve just said that!!!

I canceled with Josh. This would’ve been a great rando weekend, but idk. I’m poor and don’t want to be put on the spot so I’m gonna sit my menstrating ass down somewhere.

I really want to see what’s his face… but… I need to build up the courage. Meh. Maybe next weekend?

Fuck!! I wish I could talk about this!!