I’m An Asshole

I really hope I stop talking to this particular person that could possibly put me in a weird spot where I have to be like, listen, you’re sexier and better at your career than this person.

A part of me wants to do that shit though!

I like comparing. Shit… leave me alone. A lot of people like it… unless you know I’m totally out of your league… which is pretty obvious on certain dates.


I am officially a bionic diabetic! Woot!

so I see James tonight. We’re gonna do the normal skeet skeet then skeet later.

This couple was supposed to meet us, but I’m not too sure about that now. The dude made a mistake and sent me a video of him, and he looks fat as fuck! So x-nay on that bootay. Plus, he was asking me if I wanted to do stuff on the DL with him… like, if you’re in an open relationship… why would you need that?

Friday, I have Josh planned! Then Saturday during the day, Varon is coming to town! Then I’ll probably not do much Saturday night. Or I at least don’t have anything planned…

I’ve had a lot of free time this week, and I’m starting to really enjoy it again. At least just a few days alone here and there.

So yesterday, I asked Rashim to go to karaoke with me cause I wanted to see how thirsty he is, but he bailed.

So I did nothing last night but get stoned and watch murder mysteries (I drank too, I’m getting better though!)

Sunday is James, so I will probably just chill. I didn’t make any more dates. Maybe Kev again? Idk!

But I want to talk about my little quirks I do… when I have time I’ll type it out.